Polished Terrazzo Flooring Orlando

Polished Terrazzo Flooring Tampa

Polished Terrazzo Flooring Tampa

Restoring an Existing Terrazzo Floor is the fraction of installation cost. Providing an environmental friendly artesian floor for very little money. Patching terrazzo can be done to match existing terrazzo and create seamless repairs. Terrazzo can be densified to add durability and protection from wear and tear. Diamond polished terrazzo will maintain its shine long-term although the initial restoration cost will be a little higher.

 Polished Terrazzo

Care & Maintenance of Terrazzo

              When dealing with terrazzo, the use of a pure surface coating (as most floor waxes are) is unnecessary and ordinarily NOT recommended. The terrazzo surface is at least 70% marble or aggregate. Applying a surface coating or wax may decrease the non-slip co-efficient of friction below the standard rating of 0.5. The marble chips and aggregates (which make up 70% of the terrazzo floor) have very low porosity and do not absorb most staining substances. The portion of the terrazzo that needs protection is the binder, especially Portland cement, which is porous and will absorb stains. Terrazzo does not need protection from wear, it needs protection from absorption and this is achieved through the use of a penetrating sealer which seals off the pores in the binder.